Writers Wanted

Has God been doing a work in you that you want to give Him credit for? Ever have a nudge to put it into words? We are open to submissions, especially for the Her Master’s Business and My Witnessing Story. Check with our web page for upcoming themes, deadlines, and submission forms. We’d like to hear how God is magnifying Himself in your life.

Upcoming Deadlines and Themes:

Issue Theme Draft & Assets Ideas Deadline Final Copy and all assets Deadline for guest writers Launch Date
#6 –Spring 2015 All Things New 11/1/14 12/1/14 2/1/15
#7 –FALL/HOLIDAY 2015 Never Alone 6/1/15 7/1/15 Fall 2015
#8 –Spring 2016 Prayer Works 2/1/16 3/1/15 Spring 2016

Here are three writable pdf files — just type in the blanks, and send them with your article.

1) BLWE — BLWE_SubmissionForm — pdf
2) BLWE — BLWEmag_Release copy— pdf
3) BLWE — BLWEmag_Checklist — pdf

If you prefer Word Docs, then here are the three files in that format — You can adjust them for as much room as you need for each category.

1) BLWE — BLwe_Submission_Form — .docx
2) BLWE — BLwe_Release_Form A — .docx
3) BLWE — BLwe_Writers_Checklist — .docx

Any questions? Just email us at blwemag@yahoo.com 

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