Mission Statement:

To bless ladies by showing Jesus fleshed out in the lives of other women by sharing articles of  His presence in their lives that agree with the Scriptures.

Our Staff:

Blessed Living Women’s E-Magazine is published by a fellowship of women who attend a wonderful church on the Treasure Coast of Florida. This magazine is an independent project and is in not an official publication of that church.

Editor and Publisher: Jill Bond

Designer: Bethany Bond blwemag@yahoo.com

You may contact any of our writers via blwemag@yahoo.com


Alice L. Arakelian
Southern Belle
Bethany Bond
Krista Browning
Samantha Carannante
Colleen Connelly
Donna Conner
Penny Cooke
Peggy Sue Davis
Elizabeth Dolica
Bonnie Edson
Eileen Eiler
B. Abbey Gayle
Dora Grace
Susan Hopek
Melissa Jenkins
Emily Kirby
Trish Jones
Bitsy LaPortal
Jessica LeMaster
Drema Molloy
Kerry Santucci
Dianne Smith
Kay Spitzbarth
Anne Marie Trense
Alexandra Ventura
Hana Whitefield

Photography Provided by:

Alexandra Ventura, Alice L. Arakelian, Anne Marie Trense, Bethany Kay Bond, Breann Hollon, Danelle Bohane Photography, Drema Molloy, Eileen Eiler, Jessica LeMaster, Jill Bond, Kay Spitzbarth, Kerry Santucci, Krista Brownng Photography, Lisa Lopitz, Miriam Wheeler, Paul Careccia, Peggy Sue Davis, Penny Cooke, Robert Witzel, Sean Michael Photography, Sheila Daury, Silver Lining Farm, Southern Belle, Trish Jones

Original Artwork Provided by:

Bethany Kay Bond — All artwork except the following:
Lynn Marie Carlsen (Reel Gems Logo)
Zoe White (Mind Your Marriage Artwork in Issue 1)
Susan Hopek (Blue Cross in Issue 3)

Copyright Policy:

Blessed Living is a publication of The Bonding Place, LLC.  Each writer retains full copyright of their articles.  They have given permission for The Bonding Place, LLC to publish their article in this e-magazine.  For reprints of individual articles, please contact the writer directly for permission.  This e-magazine is offered freely to the public and you may distribute freely.  Please share the links to our magazine with anyone and everyone.

You are welcome to print copies – as long as it is an exact copy with copyright clearly visible.

No commercial reprinting allowed – you may not sell any of this e-magazine.
Design and full magazine copyright to The Bonding Place, LCC, all rights reserved.



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