Issue 6 of Blessed Living Women’s E-Magazine

Issue 6 Cover

Here’s are latest issue in an interactive .pdf format.


If you would like a high-quality print version, just email us at and we’ll be glad to dropbox you the 19.2 MB file.

This issue includes:

  • A wonderful mission story of taking a group of young people to Atlanta
  • Sister-in-Focus, Jane Ward and her unique birdhouses ministry
  • A heartfelt journey into the woods
  • The answer to why snowmen smile
  • One writer’s battle over shyness
  • An extra letter in the P.R.A.Y.E.R — and now “S”
  • An introduction to the Hebrew Seder (Passover dinner)
  • Faith vs. Fear
  • The Plan of Salvation
  • A home-based health business
  • Wrestling with Resolutions — here’s how to tackle that
  • Digitizing those old movies, photos, tapes,and slides
  • A “new” approach to fixing your marriage
  • Out of the kitchen items that should add to your culinary toolbox
  • Movie review of August Rush
  • A dozen grilled chicken recipes and an adaptable Tea Cake recipe
  • Homemade helps to getting those labels and stickers off things
  • More on Jane’s methodolgy of making unique birdhouses
  • Editor’s opening and closing articles and featured bios

Enjoy!  And to get the next issue as soon as it is ready, be sure to subscribe to this blog

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